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Top 30 Don’ts During the Job Interview
Top 30 Don’ts During the Job Interview

Top 30 Don’ts During the Job Interview. (Freshers Interview Tips)

Best 30 Don’t During Job Interview.

Every candidate always tries their level best to be perfect at every level of interview, for which they try and make sure to follow the Dos in an interview. In addition to being sure that you are doing the entire Do’s right, it is equally important for you to know the wrong things to avoid during the interview. Acting inappropriate or making wrong statements that cause concern for the interviewer will lower your chances of you getting hired.

So below are our top 30 Don’t during the job interview;

1.  Desperate to sit.

  • Once you are in the interview room with the interview panel already present, make sure that you ask before you sit.
  • I have seen candidates who always go and seat without permission or they stand behind the chair and start touching the head position of the chair showing their desperation to seat.
  • This factor may go as “Hallow effect” in the minds of the interviewer.

2.  Desperate for Salary Discussion.

  • Most of the candidates are more interested in salary even before they clear the interview such candidates are more prone to have a high-frequency interview since the panel gets a fair idea about your expectations and questions flow the same way as well.
  • Some overconfident candidates having multiple job offers tend to divert their focus on the salary expectations much before they get selected and finally get rejected due to their money factor behavior.

3.  Salary Discussion Rights.

  • Make sure that you get detail info about the salary to be discussed i.e. either with Tech Panel or not, from the concerned HR recruiter.
  • Most of the times the Tech Panel is not allowed to discuss on salary related issues since they might create a difference in the selecting procedure by comparing the internal employees with the ongoing interview candidate thereby making it difficult for the recruitment team to hire the best candidate.
  • It is the right of the HR Panel to discuss on salary and other personal related issues most of the times.

4.  Handshake Issues.

  • Some candidates are excited to give interviews and take this excitement with a mutual war at initial step by having a strong bone crunching handshake.
  • It is also observed that some candidates, especially girls, give their tip of fingers as handshake which leaves a space in the minds of the panel as being treated as different.
  • It is recommended to have a decent handshake and proceed further for the interview.

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5.  Lack of panel focus.

  • It is mostly observed in fresher’s campus hiring or regular hiring that some candidates get too easy with one particular panel in the group interviews and they tend to divert their entire focus on the same panel thereby ignoring the other panels.
  • In such cases, if there is group panel pointing system on a particular candidate then definitely the other panels will rate you low due to the difference in lack of attention.

6.  No Control on Jokes.

  • It may happen that you or panel unknowingly get into a situation which leads to a joke then in such case you need to control the frequency of your laugh.
  • Some candidates make a pathetic sound while laughing which may not be liked by the panel.

7.  Late for the interview.

  • 99% of the job interviews are always scheduled and schedule interviews in corporate play a major role since all employees have their dedicated schedule work.
  • If you tend to be late, the schedule pattern of work of that respective panel gets disturbed thereby disturbing the future schedule of work and interviews. In such cases, the candidates may get rejected.
  • Also, wearing no watch during an interview has been considered as a point of rejection in some top product based firms like Google, Amazon, etc. considering the fact that no watch means no respect for time.
  • It is always recommended that you reach 15 min’s early at the venue and utilize the extra time for freshening or for getting used to the new environment.

8.  Dress sexy.

  • Always dress for success, Wearing descent color formals are always advisable.
  • In the case of Friday or Weekends, always wear a formal or a decent casual wear. (But make sure you discuss this in the mail with the concern HR who schedule your interview.
  • Wear Non – Professional colors like Orange or too dark colors.
  • Also, it is recommended for girls not to wear too revealing clothes.

 9.  Lack of research on the firm.

29.  Appear as to Shop Offers.

  • Some candidates appear as if they are giving interviews for practice or appear interviews with an attempt to play with multiple offers or shop offers.

30.  Not Confident about Salary.

  • If asked at the end of the interviewer, what’s your salary expectations its better that you give confident reply with fixed CTC instead of a range of 30- 50% hike or Industry standard hike.
  • It sometimes even gives clue to the interviewer that the candidate is not confident.
  • Always analyze your reply in the interview and based on the reply of answers you can ask for 20% -25% (if the interview is not so good), or 30% – 40% hike onwards (if the interview is good to extra ordinary).

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So these are our top 30 Don’ts during the job interviews. If you know any, please let us know in the comments below.”

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