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Top 20 Dos before job interview
Top 20 Dos before job interview

Top 20 Do’s before Job Interviews.

Best 20 Do’s before Job Interview.

Candidates design their resume and even gets shortlisted for a face to face interview but fail to understand the basic code of conduct required to follow during the process of the interview. So its crucial for every candidates to know the Do’s Before, During and after the interview.

Let us understand the Do’s before job interview,in detail ;

1. Morning Success.

  • Try your level best to get your interview schedule in the early morning session i.e. first half since research shows the candidate is more likely to get selected.
  • Also, I do thing if the panel doesn’t have lunch in the right way, he may feel boring in the second half thereby chancing of you being suffered indirectly in spite you of being talented sometimes.

2. Email Confirmation.

  • Email confirmation is necessary since it becomes your authorised invitation to attend the interview.
  • In the email confirmation makes sure you get the exact venue details, contact person or HR to meet, schedule time, type of Interview (F2F / Telephonic / Skype).

3.  Plan and Prepare.

  • Make preparation well in advance about the type of questions or answers you need to give as per your designed resume.
  • Do have a page or do note down some pointers that you may look as a glance whenever you get free time during your way to interview.

 4.  Research the Firm.

  • Research shows 70% of the candidates fail to research about the company and this is one of the reasons for failure for interview.

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 5. Research the Position.

  • It is always safe to research about the position to be offered since it gives you some sort of ideas related to the organisational structure for which it is necessary for you to know any current employee’s role and responsibilities for which you can use either LinkedIn or simple watch this below video on “ How to search others resume format for free”

6. Research Common Interview Questions.

  • Some things in life doesn’t change same are some panels who mean to ask you the basic common interview job questions which further taken ahead to advanced level from beginners level.
  • Do make domain specific most likely asked questions like “What is Trade Life cycle” which is 95% asked question in Capital market domain.

7.  Research the Interviewer.

  • I won’t say that you play with your words or manipulate words in your interview but if you are confident better research a technical person as well. Since his/her interest can be yours as well. You may get details of his previous worked firms and based on that you may get some details about the interviewer as well.

8.  Confirm the Position and vacant places.

  • This is the crucial stage why you need to confirm the type of position you apply since you may took for granted for some other position for which you may not be interested.
  • Do ask on safer side about the number of open positions on the same, which may help you to get some idea about the position to be filled.

9.  Try the location.

  • If possible you can have a friend with you to know the exact route to reach the location since on the day of the interview you may not spend time to search or the other way is to use Google Maps to know the best route to reach.

10.  Practise the most known FAQs. (By an HR)

  • Try and practice with your friends about the most FAQ in an interview by an HR in first round if for software industry Freshers usually asked questions on Inheritance, multi-threading, method overloading, function overloading, class, objects and much more.

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11.  Need for Good Night Sleep.

  • Make sure that you have a good sleep of at least 7- 8 hours to feel fresh and active on the day of the interview.

12.  Healthy Breakfast or Light Lunch.

  • If your Interview is schedule for morning first half make sure that you have a healthy breakfast in such a way that you don’t feel hungry during interview.
  • If your Interview is schedule for second half, make sure that you have a light lunch with no Onion or mouth stinking foods on safe side. If possible have mint odour with you.

13.  Dress for the Interview.

  • One of the most crucial points to be taken care on the day of the interview is the way you dress. Find out the type of dressing pattern followed as per particular firm’s culture and the day to wear either casual or formal.
  • For e.g. – Some Digital marketing firms allows candidates to come even in funky shorts and T-shirts.
  • Please confirm with the concerned recruiter about the casual dress on special days like Friday.
  • Wear Professional colors (avoid Orange or dark colors)
  • In short, dress for success – Clean, confident & presentable.

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14.  On Time factor.

  • Research shows candidates who reach late for the interview are followed with “Hallow effect “even before the interview gets started which creates high chance of getting rejected.
  • Better make addicted to your life pattern to reach on time at every occasion since I do strongly feel that it’s your daily habits which makes you suffer the most on the day of the interview.
  • Try reaching 15 min’s early at the venue of the interview and do make sure that you have a silent glance around the surrounding environment as well which may help you to know more about the firm or psychologically you may feel relax.

15.  Switch Off Cell.

  • Make sure that you take this step seriously since I do found that some prefer to make their cell silent with notification tone still active.
  • It is always recommended that you switch off your cell such that you make not get any calls, notification sounds or distracting vibration which may divert your or interviewers attention for a second as well.

16.  Need for a Washroom.

  • Make sure that you visit washroom much before your schedule interview.
  • Freshen up & drink water in order to stay hydrated and active through the process of interviews.

17.  Be Alert on your way.

  • You might be moving from the reception area to the interview room, make sure that you have a proper control on your behavior in between since you may be lucky to have the interviewer right around you in life or on floor or exactly next to you to observe you as a person. Try to be friendly and decent within this time.

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18.  Demotivated by other candidates.

  • I remember the days when I use to go for an interview and in the waiting area especially during the recruitment drive we get chance to interact with many candidates.
  • Make sure you don’t get demotivated listening to other employees experience since you may get trapped by few who deliberately plan to make comments which can lower your confidence.
  • This usually happens in the final rounds where there are few candidates are left and the positions available are limited.

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 19.  Plan your answers.

  • You should be smart enough to plan some questions & answers which most of the HR panels may ask you.
  • Like where you want to be in next 5 years, What is your greatest strengths & weakness, etc.
  • Thereby plan your answers on most of the predictable questions

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20.  Disciplined Paper work.

  • Always have all your paper work available with you in a folder at one place. If required, bring all requested documents with you to the interview including an application, references, identification, etc.
  • Have a hard copy of your resume with you on safer side even though most of the professional firms these days prefer online soft copies of your latest updated resume.

So these are our unique top 20 Do’s before the job interview. If you know any other please feel free to comments below;

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