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Skype Interview tips
Skype Interview tips

Skype Interviews – Must Known Hidden Facts

Skype Interviews – Some Hidden Points.

One of the most preferred interviews these days after face to face Interviews is Skype Interviews.

  • Skype Camera position – One of the most common mistakes which I mostly observed among most of the Skype interviews is most of the candidates are not directly focused in line with the camera.
  • More than one to one direct eye contact with the camera, the candidate keeps on observing all the other screen icons or other distractions or notifications.
  • Make sure to position the camera in such a way that the camera is at your eye level.
  • For this, one needs to keep the laptop either at a height raised using a pillow or a small table of minimum 6 inches high such that the camera is at your eye level.
  • Most observed is the candidates do divert or inclined their attention to look down to see how the interviewer looks but this creates a visual disconnect so we recommend to keep your eyes on the camera.
  • Good “eye contact” means looking directly at the camera.
  • Cisco Video Conference is more preferred then Skype Interviews these days in most of the CMMI Level firms since candidate needs to make their availability in the nearest corporate office of the city so that live video interview flows smooth without any fraud in between, with the corporate office from other cities.

 Chances of you being Fake or Fraud on Skype Interviews.

  • Smart Talented Interviewer will always expect you to have a stable and strong eye to eye contact.
  • Candidates new to Skype Interview always keen on diverting their focus on the entire screen which creates a chance of negative impression on the Skype Interview panels.
  • Most of the Skype Interview panels even ask you to stay focus since more you have eye movement more they gets distracted.
  • Constant eye movements can even force the panels to cancel your interview since they feel a chance of fraud during interviews.
  • In such case, either your interview is schedule as face-to-face again or even stands cancelled or rejected in most of the experience candidates.

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