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Skype Interviews Basics
Skype Interviews Basics

Skype Interviews for Jobs for Employees.

Understanding Skype Interviews.

In order to use Skype, you need to first have a Skype account for sure.

Once you signup, you need to choose a good decent Skype name either associated with your name ,surname or some initials related to you or something professional name, if you have plans to use it for interview purpose.

(Note: Please don’t use crazy or funny name.)

This Skype name or Skype handle is the name you will use for most of your Skype interactions

Step 1: Environment Friendly Skype

  • Create a Skype friendly environment suitable for you to express your professional branding.
  • Make sure that you have a stable background (i.e. wall) and not any moving or distracting objects or pets or even small children’s moving around in the background.
  • Most of the experts believe that it’s great to have a plain background like wall without any picture. Since we don’t want to give interviewer any clue on our personal or professional likes or dislikes apart from our interview.
  • Lights play a major role here. Don’t have florescent or dull lights for Skype since it may sound you being inactive or lazy in nature. If required, you can use an additional table lamp on the desk as well. Make sure you have a shadow free side so that you are visible to the interviewer clearly.
  • Please test and confirm or sometimes even ask the interviewer whether you are perfectly visible or not.
  • Skype Camera – Make sure to position the camera in such a way that the camera is at your eye level.

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 Step 2: Scheduling Skype Interview.

Most of the candidates prefer to have Skype interviews either early in the morning approx one or two hours before going to office or late after office so that the interview flows in smooth and in relax mood in your own environment.


  • Can I have Skype interviews from Starbucks or CCD?
  • Is it safe to give Skype Interviews from Office Rooms or Office Cafeteria?
  • Step 3: Support in the form of Notes.

    • One plus point in Skype Interview is that you can keep all your shortlisted formats of notes right next to you.
    • Do have special shortlisted key points which you want to highlight to the interviewer during your interview.
    • Make sure that you aren’t reading them, but keep them handy to help trigger your mind during the call.

    Step 4: Video Appearance.

    • Skype interview is like any other interview when it comes to your appearance.
    • Make sure that you dress well in such a way as if you are all set for F2F interview. (I will recommend you this step since it definitely help you to gain more confidence within you )
    • Never wear Funky T Shirts or distracting colours like Orange or too dark colours since this may distract the interviewer in between.
    • One Hour before Skype Interview: Always test video call with your friends to check the audio and video features are well active or not, this will definitely help you to eliminate some sort of fear for Skype interviews.
    • Always have an alternate plan since research shows even the best laid plans have failed sometimes, So if the connection to the laptop fails at last minute then be ready to call in and have the interview via “Smartphone” or even via “Telephone”. Knowing all the possible options well in advance in terms of “plan A” failure will help you to keep you calm and control emotions even during the interview phase.
    • Smile and stay active since these qualities can definitely create some horn effect in the minds of the interviewer.

    Skype Interviews are one of the most preferred interviews now and in the upcoming trend so try your level best to become comfortable as much as you can. If you have any additional tips, feel free to express below in the comments, will definitely look ahead to add them here.

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