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Myths about 90 Days Notice Period. (Notice Period Tips)

Myths about 90 Days Notice Period. (Notice Period Tips)

We know the basics of job portal and also for designing job portal friendly resume as well. You upload your resume and you start receiving job calls from the concern technical recruiters but you end up getting replies like “We will call you once shortlisted”, “Will shortlist your resume and let you know about the face to face interview”, “We will get back to you” or “Will email you about your confirmation for the weekend recruitment drive” – I have personally used this phrases so know about the same, much in detail.

We do know most of the recruiters fail to take ahead candidates profiles in case of 90 days notice period, but not always. It’s the telephonic impression which gives some sort of clues to the technical recruiters.

If you think 60 or 90 days notice period is the hurdle for getting job offers, then you need to change your thought process since if you tell me Notice period of 90 days, I will say it’s the best notice period to grow ahead of everyone and that too with rapid growth which the other notice period definitely lacks.

I personally have tried and tested 72+ candidates in getting multiple job offers. It’s only your job search strategies which can help you win over this 90 notice period fear. If utilized in the right way and in the right period you can make a difference.

Myth: I don’t get job calls with 90 days notice period. (Case 1)

I remember candidates giving reasons for their failure because of their 90 days notice period this is because they don’t follow the basics of job portal, fail to follow the basics of job portal friendly resume format, lacks basic strategies to approach a job, due to insufficient details, due to lack of efforts to change a job, due to confuse decision to change or to stay back because of their addicted office group.

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Myth: I get job calls but my resume is never been shortlisted. (Case 2)

For such queries, I will always reply most of the candidates to change job at the right interval or month. Look out for jobs especially in the month of Jan – March this is the best days to change job for 90 days notice period.

Next best preferred is the period before summer vacation. Daily openings do flow at any month of the year, after all it’s about the way you expressed your interest and the way you talk and handle a recruiter on call makes your success interview route designed.

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Myth: I got shortlisted for the final interview but I never got an offer, is my 90 days notice period a hurdle? (Case 3)

Yes, it’s a hurdle only if you fail to express your interest in joining the offered firm in a positive way. Over confident candidates express their high unexpected salary because of which the hiring manager avoid offering such candidates based on lack of trust factor. Expressing words or statements which show your interest only in breaking your 60 or 90 days notice period can also lead to cancellation of an offer.

Myth:  “Can I select fake notice period on job portals” or “Why I don’t get calls from a certain firm while my other friends receive”.

This is one of the most suicide attempts by any candidate which can even lead to offer to revoke decisions by any firm or hiring manager even one day before the date of joining.

The fake notice period is like being dishonest at the very first level and this is the reason why most of the 90 days notice periods candidates fail to qualify for the main round or first face-to-face round.

I used the word “suicide attempt by any candidates” in the above paragraphs in order to let you know one good addicted pattern maintained by most of the technical recruiters which even I used to follow is to comment on every job profile’s comment section. Comments made by one technical recruiter can also be read by any technical recruiter of the same firm.

Consider a case where you have referred a notice period as fake and if any recruiter or hiring team from a firm calls you for an opening and discovers your notice period as wrong or fake, then she will simply insert a comment. Further, other recruiters in order to avoid wastage of time and efforts follow the comments already inserted by other recruiters and avoid calling such candidates.

This is one of the strong reasons why some candidates don’t get job calls from a certain firm or sometimes even from your dream or targeted firm.

Now consider a case of a candidate who has already got an offer and already resigned with last 10 days remaining with the comment of fake notice period still on it. All the hiring team still won’t approach such candidates since everyone has already got an impression via job portal comments that the candidate is expressing his fake notice period and his actual is 90 days, which becomes a negative point for that candidate.

Most CMMI level 5 firms have a call recording enabled along with database tracking software’s which gives date of joining reminder to most of the hiring team or hiring managers if they ever come to know that you have fooled them then they have strong proof based on which they can even revoke an offer even one day before the date of joining.

One of the most common reasons is candidates not confident about their actual notice period as 90 days and express it as 90 days negotiable which further becomes an issue during offer roll out or sometimes even end up wasting time facing an interview which mostly supports early joiners.

 Will request not to get blacklisted by attempting or mentioning fake notice period in any ways or on job portal nor on a resume. Instead, look out for various ways via which you can break or get your first offer to resign.

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