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Job Scam - Fraud Skype Interviews No More

Job Scam – Fraud Skype Interviews No More.

Jobs Scams – Fraud Skype Interviews No More.

One of the most important aspects of Interview process these days is Skype Interview. Skype Interviews is considered as one of the most trusted ways to have interviews and get hired the right candidate but as said every method has its own pros and cons. Skype Interview too has some of these newly discovered cons which I have already told you in the article Fraud Skype Interview or Fake Skype Interviews or Job Scams in Skype Interviews.

Even though we have disclosed the fraud Skype interviews done till date which no other website or app’s has ever disclosed till date. Let me tell you that this article is to provide you much detail backup plan for such fraud Skype interviews out of which some points some HR are already aware. If not, definitely the HR may read this article and it will be 100% impossible to have a fraud Skype Interview hereafter.

Let’s understand this points which I have personally tried;

1.  Ask to count.

  • Always ask the candidate to tell the number shown to him in symbolic language via hands like one, two, etc. just to distract the candidate and his plans. So if any candidate has any fraud partner who is helping him by listening to questions and then replying or prompting answers via external keyboard to the candidates screen, he will definitely fail or gets distracted which can be seen from candidate’s facial expression.

2.  Telephonic followed with Skype.

  • Always make sure that you call the candidate on the day of the interview but instead of scheduled Skype call better call the same candidate as a surprise to test his availability at a time which the candidate is not mentally prepared to handle.
  • This is the right time for the Tech Panel or the HR panel to understand or to record his voice which can be further used to verify with the scheduled Skype Interview. If fraud, you can easily identify two different voice pitch.

 3.  Avoid Eye movement.

  • Fraud candidate always try their level best to move their eyes here and there. They may even try to see at an area on the screen below the camera lens of the laptop (it may appear as if the candidate is looking directly at the laptop camera lens but in reality the candidate is directly focusing at a planned area where his/her fraud candidate is making answers available via external keyboard or any other device.

4.  Ask to answer with closed eyes.

  • At any level, during the process of interview if you are 1% assured that the candidate is cheating , better tell him to close the eyes and ask him the previous question which you had a doubt once again. Fraud candidate will definitely suffer the most in this closed eyes process of interview, if required they may directly go offline.

5.  Ask you to shift.

  • I remember one of the candidates from outstation location was so smart that he eventually escape but just 5 minutes before the interview gets over, I told him to shift to some other location apart from the current locations.
  • The facial disturbed expressions which we saw along with my team member gave us a clue that something is fishy and we decided to ask him some earlier questions once again and he failed to answer. We caught him anyways.

6.  Cross verify the resume details.

  • One major mistake which the fraud candidate is not mentally ready with is questions related to the personal life of the schedule Skype candidate.
  • Try to cross question the candidates on their personal details in the resume, family, education, past experience, etc. The more you confuse the best you will get out of the candidate.

7.  Ask to stay back in between.

  • One of the smartest tricks which I have tested successfully which even any HR can try is to tell the Skype schedule candidate to suddenly shift back and answer.
  • The movement he shifts back in the middle of the interview makes him totally disconnected from the screen, from his earlier focus point or shift of focus to a new area which this time can be assured the laptop camera lens. If his Fraud partner makes him available any answers on the screen, then this time he will struggle to read and may reply you too late.

8.  Ask to turnoff Notifications.

  • One more safe way an HR can try is to tell the candidate to turnoff the notification or any distractions in the form of popup only after 5 minutes of the start of the schedule Skype interview. This may avoid him from getting any messages in the form of answers from outside source.

9.  Ask Share Screen along with living Chat.

  • We do know that in Skype we can even tell the candidate to share their live screen. If we have any doubt of any answers shared to the candidate from outside source or candidate reading something from the screen, then better we stop and then guide the steps to follow the candidate to do i.e. how to share his/her laptop screen to the interview panel.

10.  Have Telephonic along with Skype.

  • Whenever the Skype interview is in the process it’s always good to call the same person on their cell phones as well and see the same response, voice pitch and few other factors which can help you identify the fraud, if any.

11.  Ask you to keep the laptop in line with your eyes.

  • I am not sure whether this pointer can help you to identify or stop fraud 100% but at least you can play a major role to get some clues. In this always tell the candidates to keep their laptop or any device at an angle which is in line with the laptop camera lens and your eye contact.
  • The candidate should not look at any angle less than 70®(degree). Since it’s the angle that makes the candidate do all its fraud activities. Better tell the candidate to adjust, if not initially.

12.  Calls for an F2F interview before rolling out the offer.

  • Some firms have set their strict guidelines to have a face to face followed by Skype interview. Mostly the next face to face round will consist of Tech cum HR round which helps the hiring manager to hire the right candidate and eliminate fraud if any.

 13.  Recalls one more interview on the day of joining.

  • Some firms do get clues later on in the background verification process or they may have 50-50 fake chance of candidate being fraud which later on confirmed with one more interview for the candidate in the initial days of joining called as the project selection round.
  • In this round, the same Tech panel and the HR panel team have interviews based on the basics related to the skill set or may ask questions already asked in the initial Skype round in which the candidate got shortlisted.
  • If the candidate fails to answer, then the same candidate is again shifted to the bench and then eliminated or sometimes even given a chance in order to prove his talent for a month.

14.  Legal Actions.

  • One of the most preferred way which you can try is to inform the candidate or warn the candidates well in advance via email scheduling about any malpractice or Fraud Skype technique if used, will be considered as illegal and unethical for which if establish a confirmed proof we has a whole will take serious legal actions as well, which can even end your entire job career. The candidate even if interested to do any fraud will think many times before attempting the same.

15.  High Speed Internet Network.

  • In case of lip synchronize method, every fraud candidate always look for this weak point of the interview panel i.e. the slow internet speed connection.
  • If the internet speed is slow or average, the fraud candidate takes undue advantage of either replying late (in such case he may be prompt with external answers or helped by his fraud partner to answer questions) due to low speed the interview panel also fails to identify the fraud since the screen pixels split making it difficult for the interview panel to synchronize voice with words.

In short better don’t try any fraud ways to crack any interviews, even though the candidates may get some idea from the articles posted on this blog. If you know any other ways to stop this fraud do let us know in the comments below.

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