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Don't After Job Interview

15 Don’ts After the Job Interview – (Basic Interview Tips)

15 Don’ts After Job Interviews – Dos and Don’t in the interview.

Congrats you got shortlisted; it means someone believes in your potential to fill an important role at a company. But although it’s a big step getting through the in-person interview does not mean that you will get the job offer. We know the Do’s and Don’t during the interview are crucial to know, but what if you fail to understand the things that you need to avoid after the interview.

Let us understand in detail things you need to avoid after a job interview;

1. Desperate to know selection result.

  • Call immediately after the interview to find out if you got the job, or make repeated phone calls.
  • Bring up salary, benefits, vacation time, or bonuses until after you’ve received an offer.

2. Avoid Social Affairs.

  • One of the live rejections which we evaluated in fresher’s selection was related to candidates addicted to staying online late at night; this can be one of the major reasons for you to get rejected.
  • Your late last seen time on Whatsapp, your status or post update late at night or you like some post or images late night on Facebook, posting or showing interest to tweet or like or pin or upvote on any social networks showing differentiating factors on the basis of irregular interest or support to racism or religion or caste or any illegal criticisms of any person can lead to rejection.

3. Thank You Email

  • Don’t fail to send a Thank You email once you have done with the interview. Avoid spelling or grammatical errors in any of your follow-up interactions.
  • Cases observed that more than the Hiring Manager, some candidates use their tricky email design format to place their hidden or freely expressed talent via email. This email if expressed in a positive way of selling your talent can even force the hiring manager to change his decision in the evaluation.
  • This usually takes place at higher levels i.e. Lead role, Project Manager, Solution Architect, Design Head, Marketing Manager, Sales & Distribution roles, etc. So, make sure that you play safe in case of competition.

4. Avoid Email Attacks.

  • This is one of the common weak points which some candidates still continue to disclose either on the day or later by expressing disinterest in the position applied by replying harsh emails in an irregular pattern of unmatched words not suitable for the candidate.
  • This way candidate gets rejected as well as closes the door to the same or nearby firms for further openings. So better ignore or avoid such emails irrespective of rejections.

5. Torture HRs with Follow-up.

  • We know you need a job and also the importance of follow-up. Rigorous follow-ups with hiring HR recruiter or hiring HR Manager via calls or emails may lower your chance of getting shortlisted and may increase the feeling of being tortured day by day if you plan to follow-up daily. So better discuss on follow-ups procedure on the day of the interview with the hiring manager and follow the same.
  • Don’t continue to contact the hiring manager if they have informed you that you are no longer being considered for the position.

6. Don’t Stop Job Hunting.

  • Just because you have given your best in the interview doesn’t mean you are selected. You may have multiple job offers or not – One thing you need to understand the efforts of the continuous job search from the day you resign till the day you take a final decision to settle down in your new job.

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7. Avoid Negative effect.

  • We have seen candidates who lose hope and don’t bother to think of the interview already given, such candidates usually suffer from their own high expectations.
  • This negative effect arises in most of the candidates since they feel they went wrong on some occasions during the flow of the interview.
  • In the case of multiple positions, you may never know the expected results, since research in case of unexpected selections in case of bulk hiring has always been high.
  • One crucial point every candidate should know is hiring managers takes selection calls based on the pointing system or evaluation of points related to the project requirement. What if you lose out to points which are not related to the role of the project? In such cases, you still have a great chance of being getting hired.
  • Also, in the case of clashes, some candidates expose their negative points so much that it becomes an opportunity for the other who may not have given his 100%. So better stay positive in case of all interviews you give.

8. Fail to understand basic resume tips.

  • You have given your best still never got selected. There can be various reasons for not getting selected. You stay motivated and look forward towards the next to get a new job, but what if you fail to follow the basics of any resume tips. If so, you may not get the best job calls.
  • So it’s important to understand the resume tips to rank your resume as higher as you can for any job portal, so that you receive maximum job calls leading to higher conversion job offers.

9. Avoid Networking.

  • One strategy which I use to adapt at every job interview is to create quality networking at job locations. Apart from being socially connected on professional networks like LinkedIn, etc. it is also important to know the tricks to know openings around you as well.
  • Some candidates behave like robots and stay fully focused or desperate to complete their rounds of interview and leave. Such candidate even being talented, feel they work at a job much lower than the order as compared to their friends, who don’t deserve to the level they are at.
  • Read below the various ways to know job openings at interview locations.

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10. Avoid adding on Social Media.

  • Social Media is good to connect but not always. Adding HR Recruiters or Hiring Managers on LinkedIn can be considered professional (don’t add immediately after your interview) but not good to socialize on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.
  • Socializing HR’s on Facebook is like exposing your weakness in the form of likes or dislikes.

11. Alert on Social Media.

  • Social Media has been a part of the routine for most of the people. The way it is helpful to stay connected or market a product, the same way it can play a major role in any candidates rejection or selection decision.

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 12. Don’t Change Salary Expectations.

  • You get a call or email and you place your demands of expectations in case of a perfect match for your salary, roles, and responsibilities. Congrats you got shortlisted and you appear for face to face interview.
  • You feel good and confident after the interview since it was happening and reply to the hiring manager about your expectations much higher than your earlier provided expectations.
  • This is one of the biggest mistakes made by candidates and mostly get rejected due to lack of trust factor.
  • The Hiring Managers may also get a clue that your principles placed during your interview is fake and may lead to waste of time in future if offered.

13. Over Aggressive.

  • Don’t be overly aggressive. You’re over aggressive approach or tone can scare your potential employer, so make sure you’re tactful and respectful in your approach.

14. Fail to Express.

  • Don’t fail to express your interest for the role and position you applied. The importance of showing your interest to the employer is the best way to book your nomination in the minds of the hiring manager. If you fail to express some other candidate gets a plus point.
  • If you feel like a particular position is ideal for you, let it be known and prove to them why you are the best candidate.

 15. Fail to maintain Records.

  • Interviews are important as part of success ratio in life. Luckier you are to get the best firm interviewed higher your chances to grow ahead in life.
  • In the case of rejection too, you can design your life to success. Maintaining records for every interview with clearly high lightening the week points can help you improve in the next.

These are our top 15 don’ts after the job interview. If you know any, feel free to express in the comments below.

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