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How Candidates Demotivates other Candidates to reduce competition in Job Interviews

How Candidates Demotivates other Candidates to Reduce Competition.

Are you crazy to read a post like this? , If yes then you are at the right place with one of the craziest HR NITIN RAVALE who drafts post, which is found very rare even on Google Search. Most of the articles on such rare and crazy topics are on the request made by the candidates.

I can understand your feelings to some extent and your excitement to know an article like this. There may be mixed feelings on this article but my main motive is only to educate and provide you info in all aspects so that no candidates suffer during their process of interview.

Being an HR, I always use to observe candidates especially in the waiting area or at any levels of interview process where candidates who clear interviews of the same level are placed together so that they can be scheduled for next round of interviews.

The trick played by some of the extra smart or over talented candidates is to implement an indirect strategy to reduce competition. Knowingly or unknowingly this trick is played by someone and few candidates get trapped to get rejected further. The most targeted topic is the fake salary discussion hike in which candidates who even clears the interview get rejected due to improper hike demands.

Let’s see how candidate demotivate’s other candidates in order to reduce competition;

  • Talented candidates are best judged by other talented candidates and the HR who is in the process of coordination for the interview. These candidates are well judged from the way they enter the waiting area, by the way, they walk, their dress up style, the way they talk, their sitting posture or even from the way they look at others.
  • Once judged the confidence of others, these candidates sometimes get demotivated from within and plan to use strategies to demotivate the other so that they can stay up in the race for selection.
  • This level of demotivation occurs at all levels even among average candidates, when a candidate feels his interview is not up-to the mark then they try an attempt to demotivate others. This is also one of the reasons why HR never allows any rejected candidates or candidates whose decision is pending to sit with any previous rounds candidates.
  • The most effective is the Horn and Halo effect in an interview. Candidates who are demotivated always reflect their negative in terms of loss of confidence which can be well interpreted in the initial few minutes from the start of the interview. This demotivation creates a temporary halo effect in the minds of the interviewer because of which the candidate gets rejected even though they manage to answer better.

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  • Some candidates activate their plans in groups, especially friends from the same firm plan their strategy in such a way that they comment or discuss something between the two which is also audible to others nearby. This discussion may on irregular salary hike or demand for a designation at wrong experience or some others.
  • I remember a candidate demanding a hike which was not possible from his current salary and when asked why so much at 4.8 Yrs of experience. He told me about a candidate who is currently earning XXX in a particular firm and he heard discussing the same when all were waiting for the final round. I immediately got a clue that he was been targeted.
  • Small firms with less employee strength have a different hierarchical structure as far designations is concerned and if any candidates don’t understand this difference, they too can be easily be fooled or trapped in getting rejected ahead.
  • I remember software candidates in banks are referred as Assistant Manager while the same in product based firms and service based firms are referred as consultants or Software Engineers same in case of Non-It sector where Project Manager in Construction of major project sites are referred at 8 – 10 yrs while in Healthcare it may be some other designation. So better Ignore designations and believe in one’s confidence, it’s the confidence which can indirectly demotivate others.
  • Some candidates will try their level best to demotivate you by creating a negative aura around you with the discussion of topics which can make you feel weak or even get you the feeling of rejection in the interview much earlier.

So these are some of the ways where candidates try to demotivate other candidates in order to reduce competition during the phase of the job interview.

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