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Job Scams – How candidates crack Skype Interviews in Fraud Ways.

Fraud Skype Interview Ways or Fake Skype Interviews :

  • Skype Interviews are considered as one of the deciding factor for the initial round of interview process and considered equally important for any round in case of outstation candidates.
  • Fraud and Cheating has always been on high end especially when it comes to Skype Interviews.
  • Skype Interviews in the initial days were one of the most trusted ways of interview but the latest inventions of various fraud ways to crack it has raised a topic of concern among many Tech panels.
  • There were cases where the candidates who gave interview and the candidate who joins the organisation were different.
  • Some fail to answer even the basics of those already asked in the first Skype round which justifies the hiring done for wrong candidates which needs to be adjusted as loss either by the Project team or the Hiring manager.
  • Tech Panels consider Skype Interviews secure if and only if the candidates follow the basic guidelines declared by them.

1.  Screen Mirroring:

  • Most of the firms don’t want candidates to distract or take any chance with respect to the fraud supported these days.
  • Some candidates are prone to play their tricks in such a way that they use mirror screening with one more laptop or desktop connected to each other.
  • One candidate stands live with the interview panel whereas other candidates also stands live in the other mirror screening laptop and reply to the first in the form of chat or send info for every questions which appears either as a popup or a notification to the main candidate whose Skype interview is scheduled. So, Interview panels these days always recommend you to turnoff all your notifications and updates.

2.  External Device Support.

  • We have seen candidates giving interview in such a way that their eyes constantly keeps on moving left to right in between the interview.
  • In this technique, the candidates connect an external keyboard to the main desktop or laptop and allow his friend also to be present in the same interview room as that of the candidate but not visible to the interviewer.
  • The candidate makes sure the questions stay audible even to his friend in the room.
  • For any questions asked, candidate’s friend types answer which directly appears on the screen which is read live by the candidate as answer.
  • In order to avoid such fraudsters, interview panels avoid eye movements most often during the interview.
  • This technique has been used most often since it becomes tough for the interview panel to judge such frauds since the candidates keeps on moving their laptop or the laptop screen to provide certain distractions.
  • Some candidates are so well planned in such fraudsters that they start their conversation by directly looking at an area which is not the direct laptop camera lens. The candidates read at this area while it appears as candidate directly in focus with the Skype camera or laptop camera.

3.  Fraud Voice structure.

  • This fraud technique used by the candidates is highly risky and most often the candidates get caught especially when the candidate fails to synchronize the lip movement with his fraud partner.
  • In such techniques, the candidate who gives interview appear live to the interview panel, but in reality, his voice tone is adjusted to zero and in return, some other fraud partner of the candidate gives interview via his voice.
  • The candidate who gives interview has a strong sign language co ordination with his fraud partner when to stop lip movement and when to start or pause.
  • Some candidates have a strong coordination of lip movement that it becomes hard to identify such frauds even to any interview panel.

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Even though this article reflects the real techniques of fraud Skype interviews tried till now. We recommend you not to try any of this since these days HR’s and Tech panels play two step ahead to know your advance tricky ways. If you know any such tricky or fraud Skype interviews given by anyone then do let me know in the comments below.

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