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Best Ways to earn Employee Referaals (Buddy Referrals)

9 Best Ways to Earn Employee Referral (Buddy Referral)

9 Ways to Better Employee Referral OR How to earn Employee Referral (Buddy Referral System)

1.  Personal Social Connect.

  • In this, an employee tries his level best to reach via his direct social connects be it a party friend or school days or college day’s friend or even local colony buddies.
  • This is one of the ways where an employee tries harder to reach since it will be the direct contact and in the case of selection there will be direct bonding with the buddy and you.
  • This type of buddy referrals is helpful for both for the employee as well as for the Hiring Managers since there is a high possibility of the candidate or friend joining the esteem organization.

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2.  Whatsapp Group.

  • One of the best ways to make it for the buddy referral is to make it viral. The more viral you make the more the volume of resumes and accordingly you can filter and process the best as well.
  • Make sure that you form a Whatsapp message in a format which may not hurt any firm’s sentiments or any firm’s client info or disclose personal details.
  • Try posting in groups relevant to the domain or skill set. For e.g. IT Sector oriented openings only into IT related groups or Marketing or sales related openings only into the same group category else you may end up getting irrelevant resumes which will make your entire Whatsapp buddy referral income source a terrible mess.
  • Make sure that you maintain your standards while drafting a Whatsapp message so that your direct or indirect friends trust you every time you send an opening to them.

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3.  Collect Profiles via Naukri Research method

  • You may not get my point here if you have not watch my this YouTube video, will recommend that you watch this video before you go ahead knowing about this method of buddy referral.
  • In this, you need to look for the latest updated resume from last 30 days for the skills where you have buddy referral open positions.
  • My inserting the right search and filtering as per the location you will definitely find some resumes without email or cell no contacts.
  • Will recommend that you take your research ahead and search them on Facebook or Twitter or any other way to find them and try connecting them.
  • Even though this method may not seem so easy but within a research of 15-20 minutes, we are sure you will get the right resumes as well and assured buddy referral closure.

4.  Facebook Buddy Referral Method.

9.  YouTube Commenting.

  • If you are YouTube savvy and always try finding a solution for every problem on your skill set, then this method is recommended for you.
  • Try searching for online videos related to the job openings you have since you may reach employees related to that skill set from the comment section of the YouTube; Eg. Turbine Constructive engineers always look for online help to get a solution for their turbine related issues, Java Tutorials or software related issues are also solved using the interactive commenting on the YouTube comments.
  • This method is used for Non-IT – Automobile Industry, for branding or marketing related positions.
  • In the case of Online Digital Marketing, We have personally found many friends related to any domain, which even the HR Recruiters, fail to find on any job portals.

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So these are our possible ways to reach out to employees in order to get connected and earn handsome buddy referral for the same.

If you know any method which you tried and worked successfully then do let us know in the comments below.

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