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Best 15 Donts before Job Interviews Freshers Interview

Best 15 Don’ts Before Job Interview. (Best Don’ts Job Interview)

15 Don’ts Before Job Interview – Freshers Interview Tips.

You uploaded your updated resume on job portals and finally get the call for your dream job. You are schedule to come in for an interview. Congrats you have done it. Now it’s the time to put your best foot forward. You now probably know what you should “DO” in a job interview, but what about the things you should avoid prior to it

We all know one wrong step and your entire interview goes for a toss, even if you have the right skills and experience.

1.  Smoke & Liquor Factor.

  • This is rare and seen in guys doing it again & again i.e. to smoke or have liquor shot just 15 -30 minutes before the interview starts.
  • Candidates addicted to smoke or alcoholic drinks do make this mistake to smoke or drink just 30 minutes before the interview in order to spend quality time with any known buddy or as part of addictive pattern.
  • Most of the HR Panel do feel and reject the candidate in the initial round itself since they may feel the smell in the AC room or due to foul odour from their mouth.
  • Liquor factor usually occurs when the time difference between two rounds of interview is more or due to the difference between two interview locations occurs.

2.  Avoid talks in Waiting Area.

  • Make sure that you have controls on your behavior or feelings in the waiting area of the interview.
  • Don’t flirt with the candidates present next to you.
  • Don’t make unnecessary friendship around people next to you.
  • Avoid asking for openings in the same field of job.  

3.  Drafting Improper Details via mail.

  • This point comes to live especially when it comes to recruitment drive.
  • One needs to be alert while replying to the email send by the HR recruiters. This email is your perfect ticket to the main interview.

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4.  Avoid Casual Nature.

  • “Wassup Bro”, “Hey Dude”, “Hi Sexy”, Hi Smarty” make sure that you don’t use such too casual words to address anyone in and around the interview zone.
  • It’s your unusual casual nature which can also be the reason of rejection since I do remember one occasion when I was standing with one of the technical panel at the main entrance lobby and luckily a candidate who was passing suddenly used one of the casual words as described above. Result was reflected in the interview as well. (even though he was technically average, casual words added one more point for his rejection)

5.  Don’t stay up late.

  • Make sure to sleep on time and don’t stay up late before your interview.
  • Avoid parties, watching your favorite movie or going for a long walk late at night.
  • Make sure that you have a good sleep so that you show up looking fresh on the day of the interview.

6.  Avoid Killer Fragrance.

  • Make sure that you don’t have a killer fragrance perfume or deo on the day of the interview since it may not be liked by the interviewer or the interviewer may have an allergy to any strong fragrances.
  • One thing that is always expected from every candidate is to look clean and presentable at the interview.
  • Try to avoid strong perfumes, colognes, breath mints, scented hand lotions, shampoo, hairspray, etc.

7.  Avoid Unnecessary Smelly Food.

  • We do know it’s important for candidates to have good breakfast especially when the interviews are scheduled as part of the recruitment drive.
  • Some try to eat less but this also becomes a part of weakness for your body, especially if the interviews are delayed. So, it equally important to have the right proportion of breakfast or sometimes even light lunch as well.
  • Some candidates make mistakes to eat food which either stuck in the teeth or smells. We still remember candidates who bought garlic, onion, cigarette, coffee, etc breath for the interview.
  • The best cure at the last moment for such smelly foods is to drink water and chew some sugarless gum so that you breathe fresh and clean.

8.  Avoid Unnecessary Makeup

  • Even we know first impressions are important, same works for interviews as well. You may be fresh and all set to face the interview, but your wrong makeup styles can lower your overall confidence as well especially girls.
  • Try to dress in which you are already comfortable – don’t ware unnecessary cap, scarf, high heel shoes, tight blazers, etc.
  • Most important – Try your level best to be “YOU” as much as you can so that you feel comfortable with your own.

9.  Avoid other appointments and reunions.

  • You got shortlisted and are all set to go for an interview tomorrow. Make sure that you don’t plan any important schedule back-to-back before and after your interview, else you may end up diverting your mind to other essentials schedule.
  • I do remember candidates, who plan a reunion with the office friends where the interviews are scheduled. At such meetups, some even forget that they came for an interview. So try to avoid such meetups or reunions at the interview location.

10.  Arrive too early or late.

  • Always plan your travel towards interview location, since reaching early or late can hamper your interview results.
  • It’s recommended to reach on time or even 10-15 min’s early is also acceptable but reaching too early may add some negative point’s to your list.
  • Always avoid too early especially around the receptionist since she along with interview panel can plan to figure out your nature or attitude towards your life or even at work.
  • Instead, we recommend that you go for a walk, listen to some music or sit in your car. Make sure to come back on time.

11. Avoid Others Demotivated Words. (Must Read)

  • This is the best weapon any candidate can ever know to reduce competition during the process of interview. However, it’s all about mind game which can select or reject you via this way.
  • This involves ways a candidate get rejected by mind games either played by someone or by your own. If you are mentally strong and firm with your own decisions, it won’t get affected.

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12.  Avoid Smartphone Use.

  • Candidates addicted to their smart phone are most common this day and this even the interview panel is aware of. The panel will try their level best to analyze you to know how addicted are you too smart phones, If he tracks you, then he may not hire someone who focuses on chatting or reading updates most of the time instead of focussing on the project.
  • Generally, candidates are seen in love with their smart phones around the waiting area and sometimes even constantly touching it during a live interview.
  • These signs are enough to make a strong statement that you are smart phone addicted. So better be in control, even you may be in love with your crazy apps or chatting addiction.

13.  Plan your Journey.

  • Do not think that it’s your usual city route for you to know the interview location by heart. You know your route but what if there some unplanned construction of roads or traffic date you on the day of the interview. So better plan your journey to make sure to know the exact interview location. Use Google Maps with updated GPS which can help you coordinate, if you plan to drive.
  • Have direct contact no’s of the interview location or the direct HR contact no’s in case you need any help finding it or worst case scenario to let them know that you are running late.

 14.  Avoid Being Rude.

  • Avoid being rude especially at the interview location and try your level best to be polite as much as you can.
  • At the interview location, try to be extra courteous to everyone you meet in and around the interview.
  • I do remember a technical interview panel who loves to sit along with the candidates in order to evaluate and figure out one’s nature. So, better be alert, when we don’t know how the interviewer looks like.
  • One more thing to keep in mind is to be nice to the receptionist; sometimes it’s the receptionist who changes the game plan for you to get selected, even though you may have given your best in your interview.
  • They sometimes work with the hiring managers to report back that you were obnoxious and condescending while addressing to them or to others, if so you may end up losing the job.

15.  Acting Over Confident.

  • Some candidate holds offer or multiple offers before going for their next interview. Such candidates appear to be over confident much before and share their weakness of holding offers to other candidates in the waiting area.
  • These candidates can be well addressed by smart interview panel from the way they act as if they could take or leave the job.
  • Always make your level best to appear as if you are confident to crack any interviews and can demand an offer better than the previous one.( Don’t discuss you holding multiple offers else the trust factor may reduce and you may not be offered even you give your best or even extraordinary).

Now, you know what to do and what “NOT”, so go out there and do the right things. Your next job may definitely be your dream job. Stay Active, Stay Awesome, Good Luck!

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