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Basic of Job Portals (How to get maximum Job calls)

Basic of Job Portals (How to get maximum Job calls)

I have always been asked most of the times, Nitin what is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful candidate and I always use to reply them as “Successful candidates are the ones who follow the basics of job portal to the fullest while unsuccessful candidate doesn’t give much importance to job portal basics. This is the major difference which results in more job calls to the candidates who follow it and converts into job offers while others keep on crying saying they don’t get job calls and is also the answer to the most frequently asked question “Why my friends get more job calls than me”.

 Let’s understand the three basics to follow on any Job Portals.

1. Importance of latest Resume Update.

  • I have uploaded my resume but I still never received any job calls. I have my resume active but still hardly any job calls. If you have these same reasons which most of the candidates have then definitely you are lacking with the concept of resume update.
  • More you update a resume on a specific job portal, more your resume appears at least on the first page of job portal for certain keywords or tags.
  • I personally never used to update daily nor does most of the HR recruiters does or knows that, I came to know about this topic with the root cause when I started ranking one of my blog article on the first page of Google search engine which gave me an idea or major reason to rank my own resume on the first page that too in the first 5 positions for certain keywords.

2. Importance of latest Resume Modification.

  • One may give importance to update a resume on job portals but very few of them actually know the importance of latest modified resume is also equally important to get maximum job calls.
  • Latest updated with latest modified resume will definitely help your resume to rank in the first 1 – 40 resumes for sure for specific keywords on the job search portal.
  • Research shows that most technical recruiters approach first 30 candidates for sure for any number of positions before changing their job search for the same role.

 3. Right Keywords in the Resume.

    • Most of the hiring recruiters and the external recruitment consultants make use of keywords which can help them to target the exact job search. They usually use keywords which mostly use keywords or phrases or long tail keywords related to the skill, role or position details.  
    • So make sure that you have the right keywords and use it in an appropriate manner so that your resume gets shortlisted to get maximum job calls.  
  • The best way to figure out the right keywords is to go through the job postings on various job portals and then shortlist the most commonly used.
  • Keywords are usually hard skills, industry-specific qualifications, and job-specific terms employers look for in a job candidate.

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Follow this 3 basic job portal tips and I will challenge you that there will be definitely a 50% change in the number of job calls you receive. However, in order to get 100% job calls one needs to satisfy 15 conditions via which you can rank your resume in the top of any job portal.

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