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How to Avoid getting Demotivated by Candidates During Job Interviews.

How to Avoid getting Demotivated by Candidates During Job Interviews

Unlike my previous article in which I told you, “How candidates demotivated other candidates in the waiting room or during the process of  Job Interview”.  In this article, I will let you know – “How to Avoid getting Demotivated by Candidates During Job Interviews or in the waiting room”

Before I start and let you know my experience, I will like to tell you my main motive to draft an article like this. Being an HR, I have always been observing various tricks and tips to learn something new, every single day of my recruitment career. I have seen candidates even being talented and confident sometimes get rejected. There are various reasons why talented candidates get rejected, among them is the one mentioned below;

  • This is my personal experience from which I have learned that on the day of the interview it’s better to avoid talking or chatting to anyone since we may get demotivated by any words, salary comparison, etc that flows from any discussion or heard by you with respect to any candidates growth.
  • There are candidates who are smart enough to reduce the competition and can even trap you to get rejected.
  • Avoid getting demotivated listening to others designation standards like 2 yr experience with a designation of Assistant Manager, while some working at 5 yrs as Manager in an IT firm or someone at 13yrs as marketing head. ( It’s the designation standard given to software engineers in a bank while 5 yrs experience candidate working in a small firm of 40 employees can be a Manager as well, Marketing Head may be the last highest position that can be offered to retain an employee. So better ignore designations.
  • Avoid listening to others experience level, we even found that candidates at low experience are more flexible to work timings, sharp mind set and some even talented when compared to experienced candidates. It’s also observed that some men and women have marriage responsibility which sometimes leads to degrades their performance level at the certain level of age.
  • Listening to fake CTC hiring, some candidates discuss they being paid XX at X yrs of experience, you too excited and demand the same which was not possible at your experience and get rejected. Better understand the right market standards before demanding the CTC. Being an HR, I have seen this trick played by candidates to reduce competition at much higher level.

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  •  Some candidates create a negative aura that will make you feel well in advance that you will get rejected or you are not suitable for the desired opening.
  • Always request for a JD with proper roles and responsibilities from the HR or it’s better you get it on your own if it’s available online. I remember a case in which the candidate referred as friends who appeared for the same interview had two different JD’s one real send by me and one fake designed by someone for the same position.
  • On the day of the interview, listen to your heart “You” are your own best friend. Better talk to your own and feel the confidence – This is what you should do.

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