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7 Tips to create Job Portal friendly resume.

How to Create a Job Portal friendly resume.

You designed your best resume and are now set to upload on various job portals. You may have followed the job portal basics to get maximum job calls but you still fail to get. This may be because you fail to design a resume which is job portal friendly. In order to understand let’s discuss more in detail below;

 1. Researching Right Keywords.

  • Every job search is made with keywords which are mostly searched by recruitment consultants on the job portals. So it’s necessary for a candidate to have the right keyword in their resume. In order to understand these keywords, one should understand the job descriptions and try understanding the most primary skill set in your resume.
  • Make sure you use keywords which are qualification specific and skill set or job specific oriented which most of your employers look out for.

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2. Format to save the resume. (Tried and Tested)

  • The way we rank images on Google search, the same way is also used to rank your resume on job portals as well.
  • Website Images are saved with the desired file name as “Health benefits of Onion Juice.jpg” in order rank on the Google search engine same way a resume on the job portal also needs to be saved with the type of keyword the recruiter is most likely to search for.
  • The format you can follow is Full name followed with the desired role followed with primary or skill set search on high volume by most of the HR recruiter followed by the city name.
  • g. for Project Manager you can save as Nitin Ravale_Project Manager_Scrum_Agile_London or Nitin Ravale_Marketing Head_XXXX_Sydney (XXXX- Type of specialty or use primary keywords) or Nitin Ravale_Sr Java Developer_SUN Certified Mumbai.

3. Format Patterns.

  • Avoid over formatting and try your level best to have a simple resume format instead of a complicated one.
  • Avoid using headers or footers, tables, graphics, watermark and other complicated formats since most of the parsing software’s find it difficult to read the overly formatted documents.
  • Avoid misspelled words since these are the most negative keywords which can reduce your appearance in job search software’s or private software’s run by consulting firms.
  • Similarly, wrong capitalization or grammar can confuse the software about when to end and begin a field.
  • Avoid compressed files since these are not easily readable formats. Either prefer .doc or .pdf format only.
  • Most preferred Text formatting fonts are Arial, Calibri, Georgia, Tahoma, Trebuchet, etc.

 4. Unique content in your resume.

  • The importance of unique content plays a major role in short listing a unique resume to be shown high in the order of any job search.
  • Avoid copying others resume or even avoid others from doing yours since more duplicate the content on a resume more failure to rank your resume.
  • We have done a research of 42 such resumes of original content pattern fully satisfying all the tricks from the article – “How to rank a resume on Job Portal” and were successful to rank much higher in first 20 search resumes for most demanding skills.

 5. Follow Job Portal structure.

  • Every job portal follows their system friendly resume structure with well-formatted design structure.
  • Like a particular job, portal follows – Career objectives, key skills, education, work experience, certifications, extracurricular activities and personal details.
  • Most important is to avoid abbreviations in the resume as most of the software’s of job portals usually fail to recognize it.

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 6. Importance of Heading and Title in your resume.

  • Target your heading and titles with appropriate keywords, since these are the points which most of the job portals successfully read.
  • Keep your headings in bold with all information fall under the appropriate heading, otherwise, the software may get confused and put the information as incomplete.
  • Avoid combining the headings with categories like education and experience.

 7. Provide details in short.

Try to provide details in short at the end of your resume. Since these helps you to indirectly give detail to job portals software’s and also to the technical recruiters to smoothly shortlist your profile. So always provide details like,

  1. Company Name
  2. Location
  3. Primary Skill Set
  4. Secondary Skill set
  5. Knowledge in Skills
  6. Job Title

This format will definitely help the software to recognize each job and will play a major role in your short listings as well. Happy Job Hunting!!!

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