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27 Most Common reasons for job change

27 Most Common Reasons for Job Change.

27 Real Life Reasons for Job Change.

1.) After long stability, I do feel that I should change my Job.

2.) My Project Manager is the only torture because of which I am forced to look for a change

3.) I’m on the bench from last 4 months with no project which has forced me to look for a job change.

4.) Good working culture and environment but long stability with less salary as compared to those making a new entry at the same position is the actual reason for a job change.

5.) Looking for a Job Change due to less growth in position.

6.) Looking for a job change since working on the same old technology, need to stay updated with the latest trend.

7.) Looking for a change due to continuous and forced job work cycle which sometimes even extend to weekends.

8.) Looking for a change because of location constraints.

9.) Looking for a change due to high variable components.

10.) Looking for a change due to No – Onsite opportunities.

11.) Looking for a change for domains constraints.

12.) Looking for better growth and salary aspects in my new job.

13.) Office politics has ruined my career till now and I feel job change is the only solution.

14.) I strongly feel Talent is not been respected so looking for a job change.

15.) Annual salary hike not as per expected so feels the need for job change.

16.) Looking for a change so that can get a counter offer to retain in the same firm.

17.) Looking for a job change due to lack of trust – what was offered on the day of the interview and what was offered is way different.

18.) Looking for a job change due to lack of insecurity with many forced to resign in last few months.

19.) Current job doesn’t give me challenging roles and is the reason for the job change.

20.) Looking for a job change since firm on the verge of losing projects at regular intervals.

21.) Looking for a job change due to the difference in gender – bias.

22) Share value of my current firm has depreciated with a huge gap-up and given clues to change job on the safe side.

23.) Salary Not as per my educational qualifications.

24.) Got bored with the same life pattern for a long time and feel job change as a solution.

25.) Looking for a change which can manage my other daily routines like Workout, Zumba, Swimming as well.

26.) Tortured and frustrated from my last love breakup in the same office, so feel the need to change.

27.) Looking for a job change in the early years of experience to increase my salary at regular intervals which won’t be possible after 5 Yrs of experience.

So these are some of the real life common reasons given by the candidates for a job change. These reasons are expressed here after a detailed research which clearly shows some of the unexpected reasons as well.

Please Note that “Not all reasons” mentioned above to be used for the job change, it’s only for the informational purpose for every candidate to understand other job change reasons and their problems to some extent.  Feel free to express your own reasons for job change in the comments below.

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