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18 things to do when unemployed

18 Things To Do When Unemployed (Freshers Job Interview Tips)

18 Things To Do When Unemployed or Jobless

Hey, this is HR NITIN RAVALE and today I’m drafting an article which can change your career path for a lifetime. If you ask me – “Nitin are you serious being unemployed can really change someone’s life. Then my reply will be a Big “YES”.
I know what I’m drafting today and my intentions for the same. Being unemployed is common these days and have seen this trend to be followed in the upcoming days as well. Being Jobless or forced resign or resigning blindly without an offer at the wrong time or looking for your ultimate break as a “Fresher” or the word “Recession” will define you the rest.
Unlike most of my unique articles, this article will at least give you mental strength to do something when unemployed. Instead of getting demotivated and depressed during your course of failure will recommend you to follow some steps to bounce back again in your life within a period of months or in my case even in few years.

Even being fresher I remember I followed some of the few steps mentioned below to change my life now. So, let’s get started;

1. Health.

  • Health is very crucial at this stage of life. It’s necessary to maintain your health in order to bring confidence to your life and also for your upcoming interviews or future business plans. It is also observed, candidates with unhealthy habits loose confidence in interviews much easier because of which they get rejected. The trend of Lazy Lads being jobless is found on the higher scale due to their lack of interest in anything.
  • It’s always recommended that you join Zim or do regular jog and basic exercise at home for at least 30 minutes (in the case of low on cost) for good health. Stick to balanced Mediterranian food for good health.

2. Blogging.

  • One thing that changed my life is blogging. Blogging helps you express your inner feelings and spread the best ways of you or knowledge over a large audience. Being unemployed, I started doing blogging for an optional income source and later continued along with my job.
  • It’s this blogging, which changed my life and even gave me an opportunity to try new routes which I feel comfortable and happy to work any number of hours.
  • Blogging involves article writing, SEO, Social Media Promoting, Affiliate Marketing, etc Have 10 Different blogs on rare topics and try earning easily minimum $100 per blog to earn at least minimum $1000 a month, was my basic strategy before getting full time into blogging.

3. Improve your Vocabulary & Others.

  • If you are unemployed, be happy to upgrade on your own. Focus on your vocabularies, your voice delivery patterns, presentation skills, ways to convince or learning the art of selling your talent. This is the best days to work on your internal weakness which becomes your highest selling point throughout your life.

4. Teaching or Online Tutorials.

  • I can still remember the days when during recession time I even tried teaching Maths to diploma students and was proud that my student was a topper in that subject in the college.
  • This was my first biggest achievement being unemployed and gave an internal boosting that I have something great in me. You can even try teaching any subjects which you think, you can make it easy for someone either at home or in nearby classes. If you have good knowledge about any topic you can even share or give online tutorials.
  • I do give online tutorials for “YouTube Channel” these days and earn much better than my earlier job.

5. Learning New Skills.

  • It was in June 2008, when I first met a group of guys in my colony discussing something related to Java and even I was planning to join java classes.
  • Later on, when I went to ask about the same, he simply smiled. I even tried discussing the second time but he ends up smiling again and again. After some time he told (via sign language) me that he was deaf and dumb and is not the boy to whom he was referring for Java discussion. I made a new friend that day but struggled to talk to him.
  • Next day, we again met and he thought me some basic symbolic sign languages for deaf and dumb. Being jobless during that start of my career, I did good research to take my new interest to learn these symbolic sign languages.
  • Now, I have many deaf and dumb friends and found that I use my brain a lot while talking to them even for minutes as compared to my whole daily routine. I’m happy that I learned and explore something which very few people on this planet earth know.

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6. Learning New Technology.

  • When you are jobless, you are free from pressure and this is the right time to learn a new technology.
  • If you are into IT Sector knowing skills like SQL or Oracle basics, Html, etc is a must which can be found on
  • I learned designing websites (via YouTube & online tutorials) in HTML, WordPress, and Drupal (later) which further helped me design and develop all my websites and blogs.
  • For Non – IT, you can learn various Marketing or sales strategies, basics of Pharmacy, Cargo, Oil and Gas industry, Health industry, Airline and few others via online tutorials on YouTube.

7. Freelancing

  • Being Fresher, I was not aware of anything like freelancing but now there are many ways to start your career. I do have many friends even some non-engineers who end up doing freelancing for a lifetime.
  • You can try two websites or to start your free lancing carrier.
  • You can sell any marketing strategy, share thoughts, make presentations, make final year projects, YouTube Banners, Intros, marketing banner, etc via freelancing concepts.
  • These days, I do freelancing along with a group of friends like getting websites or Blog Proposals, Designing cost effective but trendy logos ( for my friend), providing tips on how to get YouTube views and basics of the same.
  • There are many topics and I’m sure you will end up choosing your favorite topic from the pool of topics in demand.
  • Quick and quality delivery is the key to success for freelancing.

8. Future Business Planning and Research.

  • There are many like me who always dream to have something of their own. The best thoughts flow when you are free from your job pressure or project delivery and can contribute creative and innovative thoughts for your upcoming years in the line of business.
  • I used to write my thoughts and some planning for my upcoming days, options I can try and what I should do in the upcoming future to leave my job and start something of my own.
  • I had planned a safe backup plan in such a way that I will earn via one source equal to the average salary at that experience while my other options to earn will be an additional bonus.
  • The day I achieve my first constant source of an outcome, I will resign and focus on my dreams to start something of my own. Today I don’t work and have no such intentions to work again.
  • If you are Fresher, will recommend you to try for the best future options.

9.  Maintain Equilibrium in Life.

  • Being Fresher – One thing which I failed to do so was to enjoy my life to the fullest. I failed to maintain equilibrium with my own life. I found myself much boring due to certain restrictions which I imposed on my own, even though I’m social and like to try new things in life.
  • I will suggest instead of struggling throughout your life which may be during your graduation days (can feel some engineers) or getting your first job or dreaming to start your own and few others. Will recommend that you enjoy your life along with your initial job search in order to maintain a good balance to keep your life happy and healthy. Try adventure campaigns, exploring new places, making new friends, join social meetups, etc

10. Learning the Art of Discipline.

  • Struggle in life will be now and always and I believe those who face such struggle are the lucky ones to be successful.
  • Leaving life the way it has been, might be a routine for some while some manage life the way they want. Instead of life taking entire control some have learned the art of designing life the way they want and this can happen only via discipline.
  • I never gave importance to discipline being fresher but now I understand life since I have all planned routine starting at 7 am in the morning and the output life gives me to feel the importance of 24 hours in a day.

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11. Support Buy and Sell.

  • The day I did my online digital marketing, I came to know various ways to earn money online.
  • One way which I recommended to one of some group of Fresher’s to try (which even I never tried), was to approach various online sellers (like car sellers, Product seller, insurance seller, etc) and then promoting the same via various ways in return of good profits.
  • E.g. I have told one group of Freshers to target online car selling the app and get connected with the seller and then approaching them to sell at a level which they were expecting within a period of time. These guys sold a second-hand car at a higher difference of 30,000 within one month using social networking groups i.e. Facebook & Twitter.

12. Learn or try Basics of Sharemarket.

  • One of the best things to learn in life is learning something at the right time. I learned sharemarket when I was a fresher and in search for a job.
  • Learning sharemarket at later stage seems difficult since you learn to invest but may fail to study the art of researching on various historical graphs or on a particular pattern of indicators which help you trade in a disciplined manner.
  • Even though I made few losses those days but now learned to know the art of trading which I mostly learned those days.
  • Will recommend that you invest very low to trade minimum 10 shares and maintain a high level of discipline even to learn during your initial period. (Avoid future and derivatives within your learning period).
  • If you learn to read graphs and indicators over a period of time you can easily trade even in extremely bullish or bearish markets to earn minimum $10 to $100 a day.

13. Social Media.

  • If you think Social Media is all about Whatsapp, Facebook chatting and tweets on twitter then you are wrong.
    Social Media today is a pool of opportunities for many talented freshers and even for experienced.
  • It’s this social media optimization which I use for promoting – blogs, website, online business, Hotel promotion, promote and directory listing, branding, and affiliate earning as well.
  • Facebook for the business market concept is huge and can be used to promote, brand, sell at any level.
  • Google+, Twitter, Reedit, Tumblr, Stumble upon and various 36 social networking sites do play a major role in Social media leading to change in the way of branding or looking things ahead in life.
  • During your free time, I will suggest trying and research at least top 10 social media sites to know much deep about this latest technological trends which you may learn online.

14. Read Books.

  • Even though I use to hate reading books but loves reading online. I still advise that you learn the art of reading either books or online to bring change in your life.
  • I got the flair for blogging via reading something online which now became one of the potential sources of earning which gave me strong reasons to leave my job and start something of my own.

15. Grow Your Professional Network.

  • You may be unemployed but your connections on social networks may not be. Try your level best to make quality connections as much as possible, especially related to your skill set can help you grow in your career as well as in your personal life.
  • Join Quality Linkedin, Facebook and other social networking groups for latest job openings.

16. Volunteer

  • Volunteering is an excellent way to make yourself stay busy when unemployed, at the same time end up highlighting your volunteer efforts on the resume as well.
  • Managing various group campaigns, Blood Donation campaigns, etc can help you motivate you within your own which can even bring a sense of motivation to stay active for your next job search as well.

17. Learn and Implement Managerial Skills.

  • One thing which I missed out during my fresher’s unemployment days in the start was to learn as many managerial skills as I can.
  • Learn to Organize, Time Management, Basic’s of Business Management, Financial Management, Logical Thinking, etc. This skills should not only be read but also be implemented in your day to day life.

18. Learn Power Pose for Confidence.

  • Have you ever heard about power pose if not then better research, since these power pose can bring a massive confidence and change in your lifestyle – the way you stand, the way you talk or the way you sit in a chair position nor  even in the corporate world but also in your personal life as well.

This is my in-depth 15 top things to do when unemployed out of the pool of 36 things which fresher’s can try. If you know or tried any such things during your days of unemployment, then feel free to comment below.

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Nitin Ravale is a HR turned Pro Blogger and Youtuber who makes his living via Online Digital Marketing sources.

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